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3 Feb

Setsubun: getting of a demon

Today is Setsubun,which is a holiday for the change of seasons. On our calendar, today is considered to be the last day of winter and the beginning of spring. But it seems we still have cold days ahead! At Setsubun we do a ritual of bean throwing. We throw soybeans to in the streets or at demon to represent getting rid of bad luck.


Suiren had the first performance of the new year! We visited a nursery school to join the Setsubun party. A man dancer played the role of a demon. Kids were so excited and threw balls at him! Some little kids are scared of the demon, though. We hope that we were able to get rid of the demon and bring good luck to the school.



1 Jan

Happy New Year from Koenji!

Happy New Year! Hope you’ll have a great year!

Sui-ren’s first practice this year is January 29th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Koenji. If you wish to see us practice, and have a glimpse on how we prepare the dance, you can contact us!

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Mayuko Kurosaka

She is a member of Sui-ren. She is a flutist. She's been performing for more than 6 years for the group. She was born in Kawagoe an old city in Saitama. She learned to play traditional instrument when she was a young or a kid. She works as a freelance writer.
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