My Journey as a Flute Player in the Awa Dance Group

Japanese Traditional Dance: Music and Dancers in Sui-ren

October 2018

28 Oct

Edogawa-bashi Festival with Konpei-shisho

I joined the Edogawa-bashi Festival. It was a kind of a Halloween event. We did a short performance with Konpei-shisho who is a famous Japanese comedian. He joined an Awn-dance team in Tokushima before. Sui-ren usually does this kind of performance. So, if you want to have Sui-ren at your party or event, please contact us!

17 Oct

I got the MVP!

I got the MVP! This is an award given by Suiren to members who contribute to the team. I am really happy to get it. The trophy is a symbol of a woman dancer. That's really cute. I thank the members who practice with me through the year. It was fun to practice at karaoke box. How lucky I am to have friends who I can play music with.

About the writer
Mayuko Kurosaka

She is a member of Sui-ren. She is a flutist. She's been performing for more than 6 years for the group. She was born in Kawagoe an old city in Saitama. She learned to play traditional instrument when she was a young or a kid. She works as a freelance writer.
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