I participated in the Edogawa-bashi festival. It was held in a small local place which is close to where I live. Sui-ren was the only group that attended this event.

Many people gathered for a Bon dance. After they enjoyed dancing, our performance started, it was the final event of the festival.

I played the same song that I did on the summer stage. I usually play with “bamboo instrument” when I play slow song called “Kohiki-uta”. But not all band members could join the night, So the drummer played using the edge of the drum and made a high pitch sound to accompany my flute. That was nice. Because it was a casual festival, I was able to play happily without being nervous.

The audience was very happy to see our dancers, especially the kids. Because it was just a 20-minute performance, kids who joined said they wanted to do more!

The summer event is almost over.