I participated in the Awn dance at the Koenji festival.
It was not too hot this year so it was easy to play outside. The cool autumn breeze was also blowing.

My son participated for three days for the first time this year. I think that was because many of his friends joined as members of their team.
I played a new song called “Kohiki-uta” for the famale dancers. I practiced a lot for this song.

Performing on the stage always makes me nervous, but this year, I was able to enjoy it for the first time. Maybe it was because I was too busy to have time to think about extra things. There was too much to do other than just performing on the stage and there was no time for me to relax. In the past, I only concentrated on playing as a flute player, but this year, I also participated in preparations. It seemed that I was able to help the management, and that gives me one of the happiest feelings.

When the Koenji festival was over, I felt like the summer was over.27121297.cd302b4aad4b5dd31b0f2639f6b88cfc.19082621