I joined "The Furusato Festival Tokyo." at Jaunuary 12th and 13th. I was a member of "All Koenji Team" that consist of 270 dancers and band members. I played Japanese flute with other 15 flutists. I longed to perform in this festival held in Tokyo Dome which is the biggest baseball stadium in Tokyo.

We practiced for 2 moths and tried to play with perfect harmony. We had 4 stage performances for 2days. It was a great experience I felt that I would love to play the flute throughout this event!

I felt that I was able to join this activity because many people made an effort for the success of this event. The leaders of band members create music to support dancers and the leaders of the dancers think of the formation and movements on stage.

All I could do was to take part in this event... I hope I can support them in the future.

Thank you for everyone especially friends and family who supported this event,

Another thing that made me so happy was the hand-made flute case that our team member made for 16 flute players! It's so kind of him.